Artistic Happiness is a woman owned, retired veteran spouse’s, small business. We are owned and operated in Maryland, USA. I’ve been married to my sailor man for nearly 40 years.

At this time I offer home goods, wall art and photographs. I create original designs for these items. I create only original designs using graphics and fonts that I’ve either created from scratch or that I have commercial licensing to use. All my designs are original. I don’t use other people’s or companies graphics, logos, trademarked or copyrighted graphics or wording. I also don’t recreate something that someone else created. I will however work with you to create something totally unique for you!

I draw, paint, use mixed media to create art forms. I sew and create embroidered items. I love to create wall art, jewelry and other items for friends and family.

I’ve created my own logo, business cards, labels, packaging, graphics and branding for my small business.

My photographs are registered and protected by US copyright. Please do not copy or use my images. All of my photographs, for sale, are all limited edition. Once the printing run is over, no more will be printed, ever, of that photo.

Over 40 years of experience with photography. I am proficient with digital photography, retouching, editing, resizing. The capabilities of my graphics program does have limits.  Some things cannot be accomplished. Please note: I will not remove a person from a photo. I cannot add a person to a photo. I don’t have a magic wand, so I cannot make you taller, thinner, prettier or more popular.

I have over 30 years of experience on both Windows and Mac operating systems. I currently use an iMac for 100% of my photography and graphic work as well as day-to-day life.  With 20+ years of experience with blogging software. I started using WordPress at it’s inception, in 2003. It was known as CafeLog or b2 back then. I’m familiar with blogging as before WordPress, I previously used Moveable Type and Grey Matter and briefly was on Blogger. Briefly. I did write a few tutorials back in the day for WordPress, how to write the code for certain PHP functions.

I’ve run a web hosting business in the past, so I have some knowledge of both the backend and front end of websites. I hosted as a reseller. I hosted quite a few blogs on my domain, Blogland for a couple of years, free of charge. That was a long, long time ago. I’ve also installed and hosted VBulletin forum boards for a number of years.

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