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Sewing in 2024

I have been doing a lot of sewing lately. I created a birthday placement, a double sided pillow and blanket that are doll sized, embroidered on two dresses and created two aprons. You can see all the info from each project along with the photo. It felt really good to create.

These are double sided and doll sized! It’s a little pillow and blanket. This was created for a special little  girl.


These two dresses were purchased a local store and I purchased the embroidery for each one from Embroidery Library. I loved creating these for a little girlie. Both dresses have pockets!

The birthday placemat was purchased from Designs by Juju. This one was not the first time I’ve done a placemat, however, it was the first time that I had pieced together a placemat. It was challenging for sure. I think it turned out great and the birthday girl loved it.

The aprons are for a mother and daughter. 🙂 These were really fun to create, the pocket on the top that says “Kiss the cook!” are actual pockets that weren’t part of the free pattern that I downloaded from Sweet Red Poppy. It was fun to create something extra. 🙂